5 Rules to Remember When Choosing a Manual Steam Car Wash

Industrial steam cleaner can be called a universal tool for cars like . Many consumers use this device to clean the interior or car body. Many car enthusiasts have to clean their vehicles in several stages: vacuum the seats, clean the rugs with water, etc. A car detailing steamer may accelerate this process significantly. It can replace several devices at once while cleaning with the greatest efficiency. If you have decided to purchase a  steam cleaner for cars, the below selection tips will come in handy. read more

What’s the Right Way to Wash a Car at Home Without Scratching It?

A car owner who really cares about one’s vehicle and finds the time to give it a proper look, prefers to wash the car oneself with a car detailing steamer. Moreover, knowing how to properly clean a car with the Fortador yourself, you can remove even difficult dirt without damage to the paintwork, optics, and plastic trim. read more

Top 4 Expert Tips for Removing Bituminous Stains

Any motorist likes to drive along the newly repaired road. However, the euphoria after such a trip can be eliminated by the emergence of bitumen stains on the car body. Bitumen sticks to the car body from the repaired area of the road. A novice driver, having discovered bitumen on the car body, may not attach much importance to this, but experienced drivers know how difficult it is to remove these contaminants without damaging the paintwork. read more

Correct Car Engine Wash: What Does It Consist of?

Washing the engine compartment is quite an ordinary event, and there is nothing harmful in it if you follow certain rules. Even though the official manuals of automakers do not provide this procedure, it does not pose a danger. All components and assemblies located in the engine compartment, including electrical and electronics, are sufficiently protected from penetrating moisture because thick wet fog and abundant splashes of water are normal when driving a car in rain and slush. If washing the motor was dangerous, we would regularly encounter countless malfunctions from ordinary driving in rain. However, this, fortunately, does not happen. What does a typical engine compartment wash look like?  read more

Top-7 Tips for Exterior Car Cleaning

Each vehicle needs periodic washing to maintain a tidy look and functionality. An ordinary car owner often uses the services of paid car washes. A vehicle owner who really cares about one’s car and takes the time to make it look good prefers to wash the auto oneself. How to properly clean your car? Read in the article. read more

Cold Wax for Cars: Is It Really Needed?

It often happens that the vehicle’s technical condition is very good, but the paintwork loses its original shine and fades. Sometimes, microcracks appear on it, they eventually transform into scratches. The modern market offers many products to improve this situation, but many of them provide only a short-term effect. To completely get rid of minor defects and prevent their emergence, car wax is used – a very effective and available option to most car owners. read more