All Edgar Cayce

“All Edgar Cayce” offers new tools and information for both the experienced Cayce reader, and those just discovering Edgar Cayce prophecy and readings.

This site, and the creation of the new Edgar Cayce Readings CD ROM (© 2002), were labors of love, as were his work, words and prophecies.

The CD was designed to be far more comprehensive, stable, reliable and easy to use than the previous one (we did not create that one).

We also offer a unique free online method for getting daily Edgar Cayce inspirational quotes. If you believe in synchronicity, a “flow” or getting indirect messages from God or Angels, the computer generated quotes that appear after you ask for guidance, or a specific question, may be just for you!

We hope that our efforts will help spread Edgar Cayce’s message, and inspire the true manifestations of spiritual transformation – living a life of selfless love, truth, and kindness.

The CD ROM was created with the help of, and in association with, the Association For Research and Enlightenment (ARE), an organization dedicated to the Edgar Cayce readings.

See our links page below for a link to their site, and other Cayce related sites.